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Cultura In 332 B. C. Jerusalem came under Greek rule and was increasingly Hellenised. The desecration of the Temple by Antiochus IV sparked off the Maccabean rising of 167 B. C. Under the Maccabees and the Hasmoneans the town expanded westward on to Mount Zion. In 63 B. C. it passed into Roman control, and in 37 B. C. Herod, an Idumaean, became king of the Jews. He rebuilt and embellished the Temple platform and equipped the city with palaces, a citadel, a theater, a hippodrome, an agora and other buildings on the Hellenistic and Roman model. After his death in 4 B. C. Jerusalem became the city of the high priests, under Roman procurators. From 41 to 44 it was ruled by Agrippa I, who extended the city northward, building the Third (North) Wall. In A. D. 70 Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus, to be rebuilt by Hadrian from 135 onwards under the name of Aelia Capitolina.
Sights Immerse yourself in Jerusalem. Of course you can see the primary sights in a couple of days—some visitors claim to have done it in less!—but don't short-change yourself if you can help it. Take time to wander where the spirit takes you, to linger longer over a snack and people-watch, to follow the late Hebrew poet, Yehuda Amichai, "in the evening into the Old City / and. . . emerge from it pockets stuffed with images / and metaphors and well-constructed parables. . . " The poet struggled for breath in an atmosphere "saturated with prayers and dreams"; but the city's baggage of history and religion need not weigh you down. Decompress in the markets, the jewelry and art stores, the eateries and coffee shops and pubs of both the Old City and the newer areas.
Climate Summer begins in mid to late April. They can be hot and dry, but the low humidity definitely makes it more bearable. The evenings are actually quite cold, and this mild weather continues till November, when winter rolls around. In December, January, and February, you can expect some rain and cooler temperatures (rarely will you freeze). When it’s not raining, the days are actually sunny and pleasant.
Shopping Jerusalem offers distinctive ideas for gifts—for yourself or others—from jewelry and art to traditional crafts, items of a religious nature, and souvenirs. The several shopping areas make it easy to plan expeditions. Prices are generally fixed in the city center and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, though you can sometimes negotiate for significant discounts on expensive art and jewelry. Shopping in the Old City's colorful Arab bazaar, or souk (pronounced "shook" in Israel—rhymes with "book"), is fascinating but can be a trap for the unwary.

Jeruzalė, Izraelis

Ketvirtadienis 12, Gruodis

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Jerùzalė ( = Yrušalaym, = al Kuds) – senas Artimųjų Rytų miestas, labai svarbus krikščionims, žydams ir musulmonams. Miesto statusas ginčytinas. Izraelis kontroliuoja visą miestą ir yra paskelbęs Jeruzalę savo sostine, tačiau nemažai musulmonų valstybių to nepripažįsta.

Iki 1967 m. rytinė miesto dalis priklausė Jordanijai kaip ir visas Vakarų Krantas, per Šešių dienų karą 1967 m. Izraelis ją užėmė. Skirtingai nei likęs Vakarų Krantas, Jeruzalė buvo tiesiogiai prijungta prie Izraelio. Vis dėlto, Palestina laiko tą rytinę miesto dalį sava ir planuoja, kad ta jo dalis bus Palestinos valstybės sostinė. Palestiniečių procentas Jeruzalėje ilgainiui mažėja, nes čia atsikelia vis daugiau žydų, o palestiniečiams iš kitur į visą Jeruzalę atvykti neįmanoma dėl apribojimų. Jeruzalės ribos buvo kartą vienašališkai išplėstos, prijungiant prie miesto, taigi ir Izraelio, dar daugiau Vakarų Kranto žemių.

Jeruzalė yra šventas miestas net trims religijoms: žydams, krikščionims ir musulmonams. Tradiciškai Jeruzalės senamiestis skirstomas į keturis kvartalus: žydų, krikščionių, musulmonų ir armėnų.

Prie Jeruzalės stūkso Siono kalva.
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