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Andreas Stark (27.10.2017 15:28)
Unfassbar unseriöses Büro. Trotz Nachweis der Stadt und Antrag auf Auflösung des Vertrags wegen Umzug weigerte sich das Büro den Vertrag aufzulösen. Es musste mit einem Anwalt gedroht werden, damit was passiert. Außerdem wurden während der Vertragslaufzeit insgesamt über 200€ zu viel abgebucht von dem nur 150€ zurückgezahlt werden.
Die Geräte und der Service im Studio direkt sind optimal aber aufgrund dieser schlechten Erfahrung kann ich das Injoy auf gar keinen Fall weiterempfehlen!
Krystian K (12.07.2017 22:31)
Besten der Besten, super Service 💪🏻👍🏻
Maria Köbelin (18.04.2017 20:47)
Seit vielen Jahren bin ich begeisterte Mitglied. Beste Betreuung und Geräte. Auch die Kurse sind sehr professionell geführt.
United Juntos (16.09.2015 21:28)
I wish I could have liked it more for the price the service could have been better, place is quite ok but the Betreuung like they say it is really bad, really schade!
Ekaterina Brauns (03.03.2015 15:28)
When you are coming there for the 1st time - you want to stay there. It is clean and relatively new premises, cosy reception, smiling people. But what stands behind? I have signed the contract after my first visit in a rush, and already coming there next time realized that the interest to my personality vanished very soon. I had to mess around with the machines to understand how they work, looking around for someone to help out, very often getting help just from fellows nearby. Yes, after you have started you get a guidance tour for some of the machines (Geraete), but they show you maybe 6-8, and then ? (I cannot continuously do 6 machines when there are 40 around and they look very interesting). Despite very friendly and helpful ladies on the reception, I can conclude that usually there are not enough trainers in the gym, who would be immediately available to assist. They cannot stand next to you every time, understand, but they should be somewhere in your vision, would you agree? And paying quite a lot in this club and often having limited time for sports you would not like to find yourself in a situation of a "student" running after trainers who are passing by and seem to be very busy, would not you? Of course, there are people who are very well familiar with machines in general and do not need any support - good for you, however if you are an average visitor and count on getting a good integration into the sports world of "injoy", first, come there 3-4 times before you are to sign a Contract with them and observe whether or not you are getting necessary attention, assistance and support. I would also recommend INJOY to remind to some of their trainers that Erlangen is quite an international town and they should be more patient when it comes to communication in German language. They should allow an idea that person does not speak any German or just learns. I was in a situation which I would call not acceptable, and after that I am basically not going there any longer. Another interesting thing is that: discuss with them what happens if they are going to close part of their sport halls or if they are going to eliminate the courses which you specifically signed for? I have signed a contract effective 02. Jan. 2012 when the "Injoy Lady" was still there (a separate training premises for ladies only in a neighboring building). Then sometimes it was closed. I missed the moment since I was on maternity leave and did not attend for a while. No one offered any compensation of fee reduction or anything. Then, in 6 months or so my favorite trainer was about to leave (interesting enough, best people were leaving ....).. you cannot put everything on the agreement, but define what is crucial for you, is there any specific course you liked which makes you sign a Contract with "Injoy", and then imagine it is no longer there, and say, not replaced. What compensation are you going to have ? Talk through these topics as well. Nevertheless, great thanks to Thomas (Rueckenfitness trainer) and a blond lady who used to teach Joga in "Injoy Lady", who has unfortunately (fortunately?) left the Injoy. I wish this review would be seen by the club's management and they would start thinking not only how to attract the new customers but how to keep the current ones as well. I must however acknowledge that machines in the club are quite new and the variety of them could be rated as "very good". Just add your presence to these machines, "injoy"!

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