Costa Rica - Year round snook & tarpon fishisn, Inc.

The famous Rio Colorado Lodge is built on the banks of the Colorado River, right at its mouth where it empties into the sea and where fishing is frequently the best. The whole complex is built on stilts, elevating it from the ground, shielding it from the rain. The 18 air-conditioned rooms are double roofed, providing a cooling, insulating effect for your comfort. Even the walkways and dock are roofed for your convenience.

Both tarpon and snook can be taken any month of the Year, the dry season January-May being considered the peak season for tarpon, in the quiet river and lagoons area when the “aerial acrobats” swarm in by the thousands to spawn. Late July and early August is outstanding as well, but in the fall the sea is calm and the fish move to the ocean, providing prime action along the coast. In other words, the fishing is good Year around.

The snook are also present Year round and are taken casting, trolling, surf fishing and even on flies. Small snook, move into the rivers in Nov—Dec providing furious action with 20-80 catches per rod, the average being around 5 lbs. But beware! There are always a few up to 30 lbs mixed in with the smaller snook. Late fall, surf fishing and trolling in the waters near the river mouths will give you 25 lb monster catches mixed with big jack crevalle, bonita dorado or mackerel.

For both tarpon and snook, we recommend a six to seven foot rod, stiff enough to set a hook in the tarpon's bony mouth, and a quality conventional or spinning reel spooled with 150 to 200 yards of 12 to 25 pound test line. A lighter bass outfit or spinning rod spooled with 6 to 12 pound line is suggested for small snook and light tackle gamesters, and a little longer rod is more suitable for fishing in the surf. High quality loaners available at the Lodge.

The package cost includes 2 nights in San Jose; transfer flight from San Jose to Rio Colorado; boat service to all the popular fishing grounds, the canals, rivers, lagoons, and the Caribbean too; fishing license, lures and non-alcoholic beverages, and 5 pm happy hour. If your party wants to venture forth to more remote areas such as Nicaragua, 1 day notice required to organize the full day trip at an additional cost of $50. 00 pp lunch included.

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