Serenity Day Spa & Salon

1100 Brampton Avenue, Statesboro
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+1 912-489-3883

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jonathan swaby (15.03.2017 17:16)
Take my kids there for haircuts. They are all very nice, and they all do a good job.
Veronica S (19.01.2017 05:21)
A close person to me bought me the full day package ($255) as a birthday gift. Their computer doesn't seem to have the ability to automatically-book the all day (they have to do each section of the all day package separately), so it took an extra 25 minutes or so to find a day that actually worked for each part of the package. I feel like if they used a different program (google calendars for example) it might help streamline the system? I wanted to reschedule to be closer to the weekend but it was a hassle trying to find something that worked, so I kept my original appointment.

For the day itself, it was very nice. My only complaint honestly was the food, but I know that was beyond their control, so I don't hold them to it (the chicken was very bland and fries very, VERY lightly salted with the meal I ordered).
Matt Underhill (18.01.2017 00:03)
I suffer from chronic pain issues with my back and legs due to injuries I recived while in the Army. I have had a couple of massages here to help, in part, with pain management. All of my expierences here have been great! So much so that I booked some time for my significant other so she could enjoy some of the spa services. Everyone from the reception desk to Darcey (my massage therapist) was very professional and everyone was extremely nice to both my girlfriend and myself. If you are suffering from chronic pain or are in need of a mani/pedi or facial I would definitely recommend Serenity. The only two improvements I would like to see is a better waiting area. There is almost no seating available if you are a bit early and the space that they do have is not very relaxing or comfortable if you are there to unwind or have a prolonged wait. Overall though, great expierences so far. Give them a try and decide for youraelf.
Jennifer Shea (01.11.2016 16:55)
Wonderful!! Everyone is so nice and helpful! It's so nice to find an Aveda Salon that doesn't feel stuffy or full of itself. It's a very comfortable atmosphere.
Amanda Evans (22.12.2015 18:48)
I can not say enough about these sweet people. I have never had a bad service or product from Serenity and absolutely love their helpful staff! I lost my giftcard, and their sweet employee Morgan spent 15 minutes on the phone tracking down the purchaser of my gift card this morning so that I could use it before it expired. I truly appreciate their above and beyond customer service! Thank you Morgan and Serenity Day Spa!

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