Salon Chevuex & Spa

25 North Main Street, Statesboro
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+1 912-243-9181

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Jessica Buck (18.05.2017 21:10)
Stylist did an amazing job. Salon is well maintained!
Ashley Kirkwood (27.04.2017 20:00)
Love the way this place is setup. It's so cute & everyone is friendly. I love SIERRA.
Leslie Buchan (26.01.2017 00:28)
Jason is the absolute best! He knows exactly what he is doing, what the new thing is, and what will (and won't) look good on you! Amazing talent!!
Kathleen Gruben (09.06.2016 01:01)
Melissa Bunn is the greatest. She is excellent cutting curly hair, which is hard to do well. The colors she does look natural. The best thing of all is her incredible shampoos. She takes the time to massage the scalp and neck. I almost fall asleep it is so relaxing. To me, that is the greatest bonus a stylist can give.

If you ever need a massage, Cristen Brinson is the best in town. I don't get one as often as I would like, but it's a real treat.

They have several other stylists whom I've never used, but they all seem to do a great job as well. If you are looking for a salon, this is the best in the Boro and I've tried most. They maintain a relaxed environment, serve once customer at a time rather than cutting one person while another person's color sets and rushing back and forth between the two, and don't have the loud gossip going on. It's a perfect place to treat yourself.
Mallory Fischer (09.11.2015 06:49)
Love Carlotta, she does a great job with my hair and my brother was extremely impressed with how she handled his many calics in his hair. Absolutely love her as a person and hairdresser.

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