Midtown Cab Rochester NY

1225 Lyell Avenue, Rochester
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+1 585-647-8888

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Heidi Cambareri (28.06.2017 16:44)
The gentleman was at least more polite than the rude person at heaven taxi. I called to see the minimum for a ride that is 4.2 miles. He said $15. I can't wait until Uber comes to Rochester this summer and these cabs who think they can charge whatever because there is almost no good service here will either be out of business or switch to Uber rates and get up to date with reality and customer service.
Infamous Melanin (31.03.2017 17:30)
Super fast. Missed my ride to work, he was there in 10 minutes flat and to my location in 10 for under 20 dollars. Didn't chat too much, minded the rules of the road, clean car.. definitely great service
Samantha Beretta (14.03.2017 15:43)
It's been a whole hour waiting for this taxi. AN HOUR. This is rediculous. Never showed up, I called and called. This place is a cheap-tacky-foreign run POS.
ty hayes (02.04.2016 17:04)
I called and asked for a taxi after taking my location he hung up. They never came either & when you call back they will deny that you ever called.
Steven Johnson (20.02.2016 08:50)
Fast Service and Reliable will use you again.

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