El Norte Mexican Restaurant

1209 22nd Avenue Heights, Meridian
5 vertinimų
+1 601-553-8342

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Christina Smith (06.11.2017 06:21)
Great food! Quick service
Gerald Brandenburg (30.08.2017 05:49)
Great salsa and queso but the meats arent really very tasty, i have been to many many mexican restaurants and this one is just underwhelming, i ate a little before 1pm or so and the restaurant only had 4 tables including mine and the cheese enchilada seemed premade becsuse the bottom was hard.
Bradley Wihebrink (23.08.2017 05:56)
Our waiter was the best part of this place. He worked his butt seeing how he was playing host, waiter, server, and cashier to everyone that was dining at that time. The food was standard Mexican food which wasn't bad. I guess it's an okay place to sit and have a meal while you are out and about.
Wendy Hickok Robinson (01.08.2017 06:12)
Very pleased! Staff was extremely friendly. Food was fresh and tasty. Terrace was really pleasant. Recommended.
Kennedys Kids (23.06.2017 04:21)
I imagine this is what prison food tastes like! I feel a little awkward and uncomfortable expressing just how yucky, gross, disgusting this food is because I do not want to harm these people's business or hurt their feelings, but the food was just gross! They boiled the fajita meat, and it came out the color of Highway Gray. It tasted Tangy! Was it spoiled? The rice was bland and the beans looked like and tasted like mud. I actually gagged! I have a strong stomach. I felt a little sick to my stomach after only having a few bites. I tried my friends chimichanga, and it was bland and yucky, as well. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the food, and the server was kind about it, but he admitted that he does not eat there either. I chose not to replace my meal. I figured anything else would be just as gross, as the other two dishes we had ordered.
That said, it was clean, had nice music playing, and my server and hostess were kind and attentive.

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