Domino's Pizza

4622 Poplar Springs Drive, Meridian
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+1 601-693-3030

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Anne B McKee (02.10.2017 05:14)
Big big disappointment. We noticed through window no one was seated inside tonight when nearly all of the other eating places were packed on North Hills St. Now we know why. Don't make the same mistake we did. I ordered a salad. Ten minutes later it was brought to table clearly evident it was prepackaged. The guy slide in onto table and then practically ran behind counter again with these words, "If you need anything else let me know."
Well yes I needed salt & pepper. When trying to alert one of the four employees in the place to no avail, I walked to the counter. I was told that there was no s/p with order. Also if I wanted an additional 1.5 oz dressing package there was an extra charge and obtw no crackers either. The salad cost $6.99 and I doubt even a rabbit would have taken a nibble. While waiting I noticed the preparers use no gloves or hair nets. During my ten minute wait I saw the preparer mop the floor and resume his pizza making immediately.
Never again -- beware!
Jennifer Malik (25.09.2017 00:14)
I ordered a large cheese pizza. When I picked it up, it was completely burnt with some kind of weird looking sauce on it. They were surprised when I didn't want it..I wouldn't have given that pizza to my dogs.. They need better workers who actually care about their job and the brand....
Miles Foster (22.09.2017 20:02)
Wings, Chicken Parm Sandwhich , lava cakes best 3 item thing on amy. Pizza menu.
Bill Williams (01.08.2017 22:18)
The cook was dumping shredded cheese in his mouth while he stood over the other toppings. . If they delivered to the same places their compotition did I wouldn't of been so lucky to witness these atrocities being carriered out while they prepared someone else's food. Won't ever go back.
Candice Rutledge (13.07.2017 19:02)
Loved online ordering. But, it was supposed to be ready at a certain time (I think it was) but I was late getting there and it still took 15 minutes from the time I walked in...they weren't busy, only 2 other customers and the pizza was dried out and I got extra Idk what was up with that.

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