China Buffet II

2210 North Frontage Road, Meridian
5 vertinimų
+1 601-693-2188

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Terrie Scott (13.09.2017 06:04)
They were amazing went in late cause my daughter couldn't make up her mind n cooked n fixed the food we wanted specially
Frank Polizzi (08.09.2017 05:13)
Good food and a great selection for the price. China Buffet II is always clean and neat. My only suggestion would be to rotate some different menu items from time to time.
Shelby Koch (24.08.2017 21:22)
It's been one of my favorite places to eat since I moved here but the food is sometimes not up to par from being out too long. Either way it's a decent place
Orange Panda 11 (22.08.2017 04:13)
About an hour left of this restaurant, and the food was old. The food wasn't even that good, and they were old. The only food I really liked was the brownie, and it tasted like tarimisu. But it was good. The food was cold and you could tell it was sitting out for like three hours maybe. And the bread was hollow! It is also expisive and for the quality of the restaurant I don't think eleven dollars is a right price.
Janis Burke (14.07.2017 05:20)
We were in the restaurant business for years and our motto was that the last customer is treated just as well as the first. We went to this restaurant at 8 pm. The food was cold, mushy, sushi was fishy (not fresh) and we were definitely discouraged from staying. We had traveled all day and just wanted a good hot meal which we did not get. This was by far the worst Chinese restaurant we have ever been to. We paid the same as 5 o'clock customers but did not get out money's worth
And to add insult to injury they tried to charge us for water. Won't be going back there.

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