1400 North Frontage Road, Meridian
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Robert F (25.09.2017 16:18)
My son and I ate there Friday 9/22/2017. Half way through his sandwich my son says it tastes bad and stops eating. Twenty minutes later my son vomits everything up and continues to dry heave for the next 7 hours. At 11 pm I took him to the emergency room. Diagnosis "Food Poisoning". It has taken him two days to be able to hold anything down. Thanks Arbys
Mark Faucher (10.09.2017 19:36)
Awesome experience! Nice staff, clean bathrooms, friendly atmosphere and amazing food as always! Thanks Arby's!
K Faucher (10.09.2017 19:34)
Stopped in on our way home from the coast. Delicious food! Extremely nice staff! Answered a question I had about the menu with a smile. The bathrooms were super clean! Great experience!
Blaine Harris (03.09.2017 07:26)
Didn't care for the service... they're rude and childish. She was too busy complaining about her job to remember my drinks and copped an attitude when I had to remind her. The food wasn't bad... hold up... is that spit in my beef n chedder? Lol! It was horrible to say the least... smh
Kimberly A Harrington (03.08.2017 00:28)
Food is always great!! Love the roast beef!! Love pot. Cakes!! This last time tho they forgot my curly fries! Just called an spoke with Greg!! Took my name and said just come back tom or today they would have my fries plus comp sandwich!! Places need more people like this!! Thanks!!

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