Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) - La Quinta, California (CA)

46-050 Washington Street, La Quinta
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+1 760-771-1162

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Curt Simpson (04.10.2017 21:22)
Love this company (I've carried their insurance for over 25 years) but they need to provide a way to communicate electronically with their customers. This is THE reason for the 3 stars.
I needed a form sent to me. Very basic. If I could have emailed that request to someone I could have saved myself about 25 minutes of WAITING on the phone for help. They offer a message service where they call back. That's great if you sit around all day waiting for phone calls, which, I don't.
AAA, PLEAS Enter the electronic world.
Batgirl (18.08.2017 22:53)
Awful! I have been on hold for at least 60 minutes waiting to speak with someone regarding my auto policy.
Victoria Morris (25.07.2017 16:57)
Good service. Kelli goes above and beyond. She is always cheerful and goes out of her way to make sure you have all the answers to any questions you may have.
Danne Roccasalva (14.05.2017 05:02)
It's unfortunate I am leaving such a review because my family and I have been AAA members for over 41 years. My family and I are planning a 7 day 6 night DISNEYWORLD vacation for this summer and after a week and hours about 12 hours of research, we decided to book through AAA. I called the 800 number and a very helpful agent gathered a package deal we are looking for then transferred me to our La Quinta, CA location. After about 15 minutes of being placed on hold , I decided to hang up and call the direct location myself. My agent Robert answered the phone , gathered some information on the package deal I'm looking for and said "okay I have your number as ********** , I'll call you back shortly" then hung up on me. Didn't wait for response from me and to be honest sounded irritated that he was even at work and I was just a bothersome. I checked the time and it was just 5 after 1:00pm, 55 minutes before their office closed. I had hoped to hear back from at least someone before they closed, an email at the very least but didn't really expect much. It's now 6:50pm and I never received a phone call to follow up with my package deal. It's unfortunate that a company with such a customer oriented philosophy has people like this handling clients. Will NOT be giving AAA any money for our vacation.. I guess I'll just go with Orbitz.
Donald Riley (07.02.2017 06:34)
Never have had a problem until today, tried to register a new trailer that was a gift ( no receipt, just paperwork from selling company). The agent behind the counter was absolutely no help. It felt like I was at the DMV - fill out this paperwork and come back for more. When the Automobile Club hires people from the DMV it should be mandatory to 're-educate them.

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