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K-A Colripoll (15.11.2017 21:57)
Highly suggest not using this company unless you really have to. Rude and disrespectful, just because you use politically correct words doesn’t mean you’re not being rude. Remember TONE says it all. You can wish us a Southern ”Blessed Day” but still sound like you’re telling us to kick rocks. I’d rather pay $200 more and get exactly what I want by going directly to Carnival.
Brittany Lancaster Booth (22.10.2017 06:15)
I can't stand telemarketing and I'm shocked that these places stay in business. You are forced to annoy people and it's not fun.
Wade Hill (16.10.2017 01:46)
DO NOT USE THIS TRAVEL AGENCY. They work with companies to scam you. Also, still have not received my money back from a cancelled cruise.
Michael Smith (20.09.2017 02:04)
I currently work here and the year and month are 2017. I've worked here for about 3 full weeks and in my experience it is really easy to say bad things about us or about the job in general, am I right or am I right?

That being said I like working here when people actually listen to me and I get to tell em about what we offer and then go from there. The people that help us out are really nice and supportive and the package is great in and of itself. All in all it's been one of my better jobs this year. Sure you can get fired, but if you actually try and do the job you should actually last quite awhile there. On the plus side they don't treat you like a pack mule getting you to do extra work if not everyone is there.

While you look and read the abysmal reviews left by scorned people and employees please know this, we try everyday to send people on a getaway because planning a full vacation is really hard to swing what with people working harder and much longer then they should without being given a break. No it's not free, yes we have messed up a time or two or even three, but nobody is perfect. That's why there's customer service representatives to help you out.
Markquel Steward (19.08.2017 01:40)
I was told an sent a package saying that I was going to be staying at the resort of my choice. I picked a ski resort up north in Michigan. When I arrived to check into the resort they checked me in an made sure I was who I was then gave me a map an told me that I wasn't staying there an still had several more miles to this Motel. We had to drive back an forth about 25 miles to the resort an back. Do to us not actually staying at the resort we were denied certain parts of the resorts Hotel. We actually made the best of it cause the room was free had a pool that my son just loved, hot tube, an free breakfast . The Motel also came with a White Stretched Limo an driver that took all the people staying in the Motel anywhere in the city like movies, out to eat, dancing, etc.. Saying all that to say I will never go on another trip with this agency again. I'm trying to book my Carnival Cruise now an by the reviews I don't think this is going to go well either.

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