AAA Red Bank District Office

3998 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati
2 vertinimų
+1 513-247-8160

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Tyler Wengerd (21.09.2015 22:16)
Wonderful service. My car has seen better days, and they've always been great about fixing the problem I brought it in for and not pushing any unnecessary services or repairs. I once brought my car in because a door wouldn't unlock and they immediately spent 10-15 minutes trying to fix it while it was sitting outside the shop. They also let me bring my dog into the building, woo.
Kate Fenlon (22.08.2014 00:49)
Great service, I had 3 guys working on my car so it was ready in triple quick time! Unlike at the dealership, there was no attempt to aggressively up sell by telling me the dangers of not purchasing a more expensive tire. They even replaced the valve cap that the dealer lost. Highly recommended.

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