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4501 Brainerd Road, Chattanooga
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Kevin Vatt (14.08.2017 20:52)
Jody is an absolute wizard when it comes to training!. I find myself getting pushed each workout and the results are showing up! I've been training with him for 2 weeks and have already noticed gains where i need them and have lost inches where i don't need them. His passion for fitness is contagious and he does an excellent job explaining the method behind working out and getting in shape. Furthermore he checks up frequently throughout each week to see how you're feeling/doing!. Facility is well balanced between feeling like you could throw down a chalked up super heavy gritty leg day session, to having a peaceful meditation and yoga session. Prices are slightly higher than the local gym trainers, BUT.... you get what you pay for, and that is someone who genuinely cares about you and getting you closer/to your fitness goals, will tell you how it is and not hold back, but will also push you to get outside your comfort zone so the real change can take place. Can't say enough good about Fivestar Fitness!! Schedule a session(s) and see for yourself!.
Perrin Carr (20.03.2017 19:22)
Personal training by experts! Get the best results from people that know and care.

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