Downtown YMCA

301 West 6th Street, Chattanooga
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+1 423-266-3766

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Jay Novak (24.09.2017 19:30)
Great Place, GREAT people, best gym in Chattanooga.
Shandell Foy (22.06.2017 18:30)
This ymca has very friendly staff. The building has 3 stories, 2 pools, a gym, juice bar, daycare with playground, family locker room, women's shower, mens shower, 2 lounges, several activities. I had no idea that ymca offered date night, childcare, lots of excerising classes and more. There is so much to do here for the entire family, you could spend day and night here. And the membership is very affordable.
Enrique H. (10.06.2017 22:16)
I'm very impressed!! Came for a quick workout between an event and ended up spending a few hours here!
I worked out, then showered (didn't bring anything to shower with but they had everything). After that I ate and worked! They have quite a few lounges and areas as well as tables, work stations, complimentary coffee everywhere, etc. Great staff as well!
Emma Wagner (04.06.2017 20:24)
My child has been a student in the daycare and pre-K programs since 2015, and I'm so impressed with the quality of education and the care, love, and support she has received from all of her teachers during her time here. They care for the wellbeing of the whole child, which is really so special. They know my child nearly as well as I do, and would do anything for her.
I also personally dealt an incident this past December where a man entered the building being threatening towards me as I was coming to pick up my child, and the front desk and office staff handled the situation perfectly, keeping me and her safe while also complying fully with the police department. This YMCA staff is like family, and we love them!
MaryAnn Villegas (15.04.2016 15:53)
I have been visiting with my daughter and had the opportunity to workout at the YMCA downtown. I am currently a member of the Y in Ohio. The staff was very helpful and welcoming. I was totally blown away by the size of your facility! All of the machines were clean and in working order. You have so much to offer! We are planning to relocate to Chattanooga by the end of the year and I am very excited to become a regular at the downtown YMCA.

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