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Day 1: Airport-Hotel:

-Arrival at the airport, welcome assistance by our representative and transfer to the hotel.
-Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Tunis-Carthage-Sidi Bou Said:

-Visit of the medina wonderful maze of alleys of the 9th century, which is organized around the magnificent mosque in Zitouna (Olive) the sanctuary's largest and most venerable of the capital. Every turn reveals a new thing palaces, souks, madrassas (Koranic schools) and mosques . . .
-Visit of the Bardo Museum, the largest archaeological museum of the Maghreb. This former palace Beys of Tunis houses the richest collection of Roman mosaics in the world, discovering the many sites tunisiens. This museum traces the different civilizations that succeeded on Tunisia.
-Visit of the village of Sidi Bou Said, a splendid village with white and blue, with cobbled streets that take you to their houses and palaces to secret gardens, shaded patios with invisible from the outside, its windows moucharabieh, and its doors decorated with black nails . a detour on the side of the delights of Café overlooking the port of Sidi Bou Said and offering stunning views over Cape Carthage you can taste the famous mint tea.
-Visit the site of Carthage well known as complex spa "baths of Antoninus, the ruins are scattered over several miles in the middle of modern houses.
-Back in Tunis for dinner and overnight in hotel 4****.

Day 3: Zaghouan-Thuborbou Majus-Dougga-Oudna:

-Departure to Zaghouan known for its many water sources.
-Visit of the Temple of the waters
-Departure for Thuborbou Majus, Berber village and visit the Roman archaeological site and then start to TEBOURSOUK.
-Visit the archaeological site of Thugga, the Roman city best preserved in Tunisia with its theater, its capitol, it’s triumphal. . . .
-The visit was a former Uthina Punic city built on a high, several tens of hectares, dominating a fertile agricultural plain. Amphitheater 10 to 15 000 seats, baths, cisterns, aqueducts, villas richly paved with mosaics.
-Back to the hotel, dinner and overnight in hotel 4****.

Day 4: Utique-Tabarka:

-Visit of Utique is known as one of the oldest cities in the western Mediterranean.
-Visit of Tabarka It's a tourist town known for diving activities (sea fish or fishing grouper and lobster is done) and the coral used in jewelry. It is also for its festivals including the famous Tabarka Jazz Festival. ---The city is overlooked by a rock on which is built a Genoese fort.
-Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 5: Chemtou-Bulla Regia-Makthar-Kairouan:

-Visit Chemtou The town was born after the conquest of the valley Medjerda by Numidia. It is assumed that it already exists in the fifth century BC. AD Little by little, the little town is growing thanks to trade routes.
-Visit Bulla Regia, the site is located in the middle valley of the current Medjerda (former Bagrada) - the Great Plains of ancient authors - at the foot of Jebel R'bia and in the middle of a cereal rich soil that gave rise to the early creation of a city.
-Departure for the former Maktaris and visit the archaeological site.
-Departure to Kairouan, the 4th holiest city of Islam, surrounded by its imposing wall.
-Dinner and accommodation at the hotel

Day 6: Kairouan-Sbeïtla-Gafsa:

-Visit Aghlabids watersheds that are reservoirs from the 9th century.
-Visit the mausoleum of Sidi Sahib (companion of the Prophet), better known under the name of the mausoleum of barber
-Visit the Great Mosque of Sidi Oqba which is the oldest and most prestigious place of prayer in the Muslim world Western.
-Visit Sbeïtla the city was founded by the Romans, under the dynasty Flavians, probably in the second half of the first century. Roman armies came to pacify the region so vulnerable to attacks Berber and land are awarded to veterans who can protect the borders of foreign incursions.
-Departure for Gafsa.
-Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel 5*****.

Day 7: Metlaoui-Tozeur-Nefta:

-Departure for the station Metlaoui, mining and discovery aboard the Red Lizard, a former train Bey, from the splendid landscapes of gorges and canyons of Selja.
-Continuation to Tozeur, walk through the old city.
Visit of the Museum Dar Chraiet, famous for its rich collection of artifacts.
-Departure for Nefta.
-Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel 4****.

Day 8: Chébika-Tamerza-Nefta:

-Visit Chébika, one of the most beautiful oases with its source surrounded by palm trees and Tamerza and old adobe houses.
-Visit of Midès.
-Back to Nefta and lunch at the Hotel.
-Discovery of its oase by carriage.
-Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel 4****.

Day 9: Tozeur-Douz-Matmata:

-Departure to Douz, the gateway to the desert.
-Possibility of a hike optional camel through the sand dunes.
-Departure to Matmata and visit a troglodyte house.
-Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel 4****.

Day 10: Matmata-Mednine-Djerba:

-Departure to Djerba via Mednine.
-Visit Metameur.
-Departure to Djerba.
-Departure for a tour of the island.
-Return to hotel.
-Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 11: Djerba-Gabes-Sfax-el Jem-Hammamet:

-Departure via the ferry Djerba.
-Arrival to Gabes.
-Visit of “Souk Jara”.
-Departure to Sfax.
-Departure for the city of El Jem, the ancient Thysdrus to visit the magnificent Roman amphitheater and the third largest after those of Rome and Capua.
-Departure for the town of Sousse and visit Port El Kantaoui with its Arab-Moorish architecture.
-Departure for the city of Hammamet.
-Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel 4****.

Day 12-13 and 14: Cures Thalasso

-Treatments at the hotel.

Day 15: Back
-Departure from the hotel and transfer to the airport.

Price includes:

-Transfer airport-hotel-airport.
-14 nights in hotels 4 *.
-Full board (except drinks) during the tour.
-Spa treatments.
-The services of a professional national guide.
-Entries to museums and sites listed.

The price does not include:

-The airfare.
-Drinks during the tour and during the day spa treatments.
-Travel insurance.
-The optional excursions.
-The tips of the guide and driver.

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