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4F, No. 85, Section 2, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District
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+886 2 449 3535

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林小新 (06.11.2017 14:01)
Dindin Huang (26.05.2017 16:33)
xingyu wang (25.09.2016 11:03)
Great travel agency
Lin Liang Ting (23.07.2016 06:27)
Dear reader, I attended the Cotsa Cruise trip hold by Richmond tour(山富旅遊 to Okinawa and Ishigaki this July.
And I wonder this is the first time for Richmind tour to hold a such cruise trip. It was absolutely awful, just awful for the entire journey. Lousy service, poor coordination, unthoughtful plans, and terrible F&B. They apparently can't handle such big groups of tourism. All the plans were messed up. We spend plenty of time on lining up for meals, waiting for bus under burning sun while you could have planned all this and that out more than what we have awfully experienced. Passengers were acting like animals freaking cut into lines and team leaders were just sit on that and deal with other trivial stuff. All these team leaders were taking no responsibility for any comments and complaints but blame all to Costa Cruise and Local government.
I have no idea why Costa Cruise would ever cooperating with a lousy travel agency to ruin your reputation? For business profit of course, who would ever take so dirty and old a ship for holidays? We asians? They even cut off the time for us visiting on gourd just to save money at the port.
Lousy service, poor coordination, awful plans, terrible food, absolutely bad quality of everything. how worse can this trip be?
王元璋 (01.05.2016 07:20)
Not bad ~

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