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Tourism The city of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, offers a variety of tourist attractions: historical sights, monuments, museums, theatres, places connected with Marie Curie, Frédéric Chopin and composer's enchanting music. Since 1980, the old town, one of the main attractions, has been a UNESCO World heritage site. Warsaw is among the greenest metropolises on the continent, with the Europe’s wildest river gushing through the center of the city. During World War II Warsaw was reduced to rubble, nonetheless she was brought back to life and continues flourishing.
Cultura Although Cracovians will beg to differ, Warsaw has often eclipsed Cracow (the 'cultural capital') in the arts. This was true in the golden age of King Stanislas Poniatowski, just as it was between the wars, when Warsaw was often referred to as the Paris of the East. In spite of the tragic odyssey of the twentieth century, the capital has made a bold comeback, and it remains at the cutting edge of modern trends. A host of lively events take place here, including the annual Warsaw Autumn Festival, bringing together luminaries in contemporary music from around the world. Every October, the International Film Festival kicks off. Throughout the year Zamek Ujazdowski showcases the best of Poland's contemporary art.
Sights Lazienki Park and Palace are both beautiful and relaxing sights to see. The palace, known as "The Palace on the Isle" is built on a lake and is accessible by foot bridges. Wander the park or enter the palace depending upon your mood and the weather. The park offers pathways and shady benches, while the palace allows visitors a glimpse into the life of its previous inhabitants.
Shopping As Poland's capital, Warsaw has attracted all the big international names in shopping, keen to take part in the country's economic resurgence. As a business hub, Warsaw is also an oasis for travellers looking for smart clothes at reasonable prices. Still, the city continues to retain its old world charm, and there are plenty of smaller stores tucked on the back streets with treasures waiting to be discovered. Happy shopping!
Food and drink Considered to be the dish which Poland is famous for, Pierogi is good for all occasions. Whether eaten in a high-class restaurant, in a Warsaw market place cafe with a cold beer, or home-cooked for a few friends – its hard not to tuck in and enjoy them. And as in last night, they can always be washed down with a few vodka shots!

Varšuva, Lenkija

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Varšuva – Lenkijos sostinė ir didžiausias miestas. 1, 65 mln. gyventojų (2005). Miestas įsikūręs centrinėje Lenkijoje, Mazovijoje, prie Vyslos upės. Mokslinis, kultūrinis, politinis ir ūkinis centras. Varšuvoje yra Lenkijos parlamento, prezidento ir centrinės valdžios įstaigų buveinės. Varšuva taip pat yra Mazovijos vaivadijos sostinė.

Čia yra Lenkijos mokslų akademija, universitetas, medicinos akademija ir kitos aukštosios mokyklos. Daug teatrų, muziejų (paminėtini Nacionalinis, Archeologijos, rūmai-muziejai Lazenkuose, Vilianove, Neborove). Didelis senamiestis, išlikę karališkieji rūmai (XVI–XVII a.), daug bažnyčių. Nacionalinis muziejus su garsiais paveikslas: Jano Mateikos Batoras prie Pskovo, Sobieskis prie Vienos, Vitoldo Pivnickio Mūšis prie Cesoro, Juzefo Brandto Chocimo mūšis, Stanislovo Chlebkovskio Sobieskis prie Vienos.
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