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Norfolk Tree Fern (Cyathea Brownii) - world tallest tree fern
Bird Rock, Norfolk Island
Mount Pitt, Norfolk Island
View over Kingston from Queen Elizabeth II Lookout
Norfolk Island Airport (1996) - an Ansett plane touches down, with Phillip Island in the background
Anson Bay
Taylors Rd, Burnt Pine (1996). Looking north, toward Mt Pitt, covered in misty cloud
The old Water Mill
Palm Walk Track
Point Hunter & Nepean Island
Nepean Island as viewed from Phillip Island
Ball Bay in the afternoon
Park Rangers setting up monitoring equipment
Cascade Bay
St Barnabas' Chapel (1996). This was orginally built for the Melanesian Mission, whose school was based here between 1866 and 1920
Puppy's Point, Norfolk Island
Pacific Palms, Norfolk Island, 2007-02
Eclipse Night full moon over Cook's Monument
Phillip Island, Norfolk Island
Leaving from Phillip Island
Goniopora norfolkensis. Norfolk Island, Coral Sea. A large massive colony. Photograph: Charlie Veron.
Goniastrea favulus. Norfolk Island, Coral Sea. G. favulus (bottom) being overgrown by and overgrowing G. australensis (top). These species are easily confused. Photograph: Charlie Veron.
Atterissage à Norfolk
Norfolk Island,Australia
Norfolk Island northern coastline 1975
Acropora solitaryensis. Norfolk Island, Coral Sea. Dissected plates in shallow water exposed to strong wave action. Photograph: Charlie Veron.
Cyphastrea serailia. Norfolk Island, Coral Sea. Showing common variation in corallite structure and colour. Photograph: Charlie Veron.
Dawn Breaks over Norfolk Island
Emily Bay from Ross Point, Norfolk Island
Kingston Jetty, Norfolk Island
Rocky Point, Norfolk Island
Track to Captain Cook Lookout
Arches - part of the old Penal Colony on Norfolk Island
Sunset at Puppys Point
Point Hunter & Nepean Island
Cascade Bay
Ship Unloading
Burnt Pine (1996), from Mt Pitt. While Kingston is the centre of Govt, this area supplies the island's needs and services
Nepean Island
Inside the "new" Gaol Courtyard, Kingston - Penal Colony Norfolk Island
Fisherman's Hut on Phillip Island
Headstone Garbage Tip (1996). This area is used to dump rubbish into the sea, as unbelievable as that seems
Creswell Bay
Music Valley (1996). Looking south from Driver Christian Rd toward Cemetery Bay. In the distance are Nepean and Phillip Islands
Walking Track
Point Ross - looking south-west
'New' Military Barracks (1996). These were built in 1836 to replace the 'old' barracks that were too small. The walls were to keep convicts out

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