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Land of Genghis Khan lays beyond the city! Join us as we take appreciation of wonderful tradition of nomads and enjoying breath taking scenery of Mongolia. The tour is full of surprise you never know unless you come and experience.

-Enjoy and feel centuries old tradition and hospitality of nomads
-Ride camels along the biggest sand dune of Mongolia – Khongor Els
-Explore Bayanzag (Flamming Cliff), was foremost known to world by an American Roy Chapman Andrews excavations which discovered some of the most important Paleontological findings of the last century.
-Experience Mongolia the way locals do, by horseback
-Soak in a hot spa and loose a day in the peaceful silence of Mongolian countryside.
-Visit exotic Erdene Zuu monastery where ancient capital of Mongolia ever existed.
-Touch solid ice in Eagle Valley when it is +30C

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Mongolija, Ulan Batoras