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Don Daniels (13.04.2017 01:56)
Diving with Johan was a blast. If you are looking for a really enjoyable experience, great diving, great conversation then go see Johan. I had an excellent dive trip and met some genuinely nice people in Johan and Ramona. We had an inexperienced diver with us and Johan took her under his wing, which allowed her partner and myself (experienced divers) to roam around. Everyone was pleased with the experience despite the less than stellar visibility (due to wind & waves). It least felt like a hard push for profit dive shop. I've been diving all over the peninsula and found this dive shop to be refreshing and really comfortable.
Rob Jacobsen (30.03.2017 21:04)
March 2017. We had a fairly negative snorkeling experience snorkeling with Diverspoint / Johan on 23 March 2017. Not sure if his price was better or worse than the various outfits hustling trips down at the beach. Price was not the issue - we would have paid way more for a better experience. We went to Diverspoint in town the day before to book our trip to avoid having to deal with the myriad of people offering snorkel trips at the beach. He had us meet him at his shop where we then walked quite a ways to the beach - he implied the day before that we would get a ride. After the trip was done - they just dumped us out of the boat at he beach. We had to walk dripping wet with two tired and hungry kids, carrying our gear, all the way back to the car. Not exactly the type of service we were hoping for.

To begin the trip - when we got to the boat, the driver and a guide were there, neither were very friendly. Just as we were about to leave, they said another person was going to join - fine, no problem. Johan then leaves. We wait quite a while and some dude seemingly with mental issues (not kidding) shows up and gets in the boat. It's 10 in the morning and he's got an open beer and is carrying 4 other bottles of beer. Great image for our children. Bottom line was - he was not a snorkeler and had no business being in the boat.

So - we go out to the reef, a 3 minute ride. The winds, waves, surge, and current were fairly strong. I 100% understand these things cannot be controlled by anyone. The first spot was super shallow - 2 to 4 feet in many places (less than 2 meters). It was ridiculously shallow - the coral was actually nice - but just way way too shallow to move or really see anything. The current and surge were constantly pushing us up on and into the coral - it was really difficult to not make contact with the coral heads. They need to know better in situations like this. The guide did a very poor job controlling his fins and not making contact with the reef. Also - anyone who knows anything knows that at a minimum you swim into the current for the 1st half and with it for the 2nd. Better yet - use the current 100% from point A and have the boat pick us up at point B. Our guide was all over the place had no idea what he was doing at all. Both kids and my wife started to falter and we had to cut the first spot short. I told him it was way too shallow and that we needed to use the current to our benefit - not constantly fight it.

The 2nd spot was slightly deeper and I told them we needed to use the current - they needed to drop us in at point A and let us drift / float / snorkel to point B. To their credit - they did that and the 2nd spot was a little better. All week we saw boats going to other places - it was clear these guys had no interest in going anywhere other than right out in front of the public Puerto Morelos beach. I tried to tell Johan about our negative experience, but he was focused on his afternoon dive trip - maybe that's more his gig rather than snorkeling? Anyway - he basically didn't give a crap and didn't offer us any apology at all for anything - much less offer to refund a part of our payment. He did sort of agree that forcing us to walk all that way for no reason was ridiculous - if nothing else, we should have just met at the beach.

Bottom line is - we would have been WAY better off just taking a quick tour with one of the 50 people offering trips right on the beach. The reef is right there anyway. There was no need to pay Diverspoint anything - they were a useless middleman who contracted out a shabby boat and grumpy guides who had little or no idea what they were doing. Once he had our money - he didn't care at all. Best to avoid Diverspoint in my opinion.
Nicola Bui (13.11.2016 17:53)
I had a great time diving with diverspoint in Puerto Morelos. The guide took me twice to the Juan Escudia shipwreck and it was worth it. Moreover, he shared with me all the pictures he took underwater: they were amazing
Terry Kennedy (11.07.2016 23:43)
diving in may 2016 with diverspoint ,i enjoyed diving with johan ,and meeting ramona ,did several dives including .wreck dive ,shallow dive ,night dive ,all good ,plus they aranged a cenote cave dive ,which was a great experience ,and a whale shark tour snorkel ,which wasn't so great ,and i would not recomend it ,i would dive with them again ,
Darin Hornsby (27.01.2016 17:50)
Johan and Ramona are very personable and professional. I did both day and night dives and enjoyed it immensely. Johan is a great guide who points out as much as possible. You must do a fluorescent dive! It was the best experience! To see an anemone lit up was something I'll never forget!

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