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Itinerary: Bamako → Djenne → Dogon Country → Mopti → San→ Sikasso → Bobo Dioulasso → Banfora → Gaoua → Park Nazinga → Tiebelé → Ouagadougou→ Park Pendjari → somba Country→ Natitingou → Abomey → Ganvié → Cotonou → Vodoun Country → Lome → Kpalimé → Atakpamé → Lomé → Accra → Elmina→Kumasi → Accra
THEME: Culture → Archaeology → Park →Music
RANGE: middle
ARRIVAL : Bamako
TECHNICAL LEVEL: No specific difficulties
SPORT LEVEL: few hours walking per day
The trip in nutshell:
This travel great unique tour West Africa is a combined circuit allowing you discover the essence of black Africa. From country of hospitality and fabulous countered to meet the Dogon country in the middle of nowhere in the Bandiagara cliffs in Mali, located between havent and earth, this fascinating world impresses the traveler to listen to the Dogon cosmogony staring at the tops of the coated ratchets the African sun.
From the ancient archaeological site Djenne Djenno and great mosque built in the land of Sudanese origin, our journey takes us back to the Lobi country in Burkina Faso a traves beautiful scenery and waterfalls spectacular natural beauty that abounds this African forest to the border with Benin at the entrance of the famous Park Pendjari where we discover many wild animals that live there.
From Country to Country somba voodoo, our itinerary shoed us discover cultural diversity through this major international festival of this "voodoo" People and colorful markets to the rhythm of local music Tam-Tam.
This Journey will take us to the same Ashanti through the beautiful beaches of Lome sunset over the ocean. Our tour will end in the famous Ashanti Ghana listening to many secrets of Africa we will do us the pleasure of telling you throughout this authentic journey.
Day by day:

Day 1: Atlanta → Bamako → Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reception and transfer to the « hôtel le Baoubab »
Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel le Baoubab »

Day 2: Bamako → Segou → 235 km → Sunday, January 5, 2014
Breakfast and city tour of Bamako to know the Malian capital. We will visit in panoramic viewpoint hard point G then we go down to see the administrative headquarters and management of traditional market and the general market. Lunch at the restaurant planned Bafing. Starting from Bamako to 14h for the cited Balanzan (Segou) official site of the festival on the Niger which is held every year in February. Stop Sékoro to visit the old town, the royal hall, the mosque and the tomb of the mother of Biton Coulibaly. Installation faro hotel a few meters in the evening to watch the sunset on the Niger River. Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Faro »

Day 3: Segou→ Djenne → 332 km → Monday, January 6, 2014

Breakfast and departure by 4x4 to Djenne, Arrival and check our luggage hotel for lunch, then we will go to the weekly market on Monday to take beautiful pictures of traders from all over town. Visit after the great mosque in front of the market and the tomb of Tapama Djenepo (sacrificed for the prosperity of the city young virgin), the well nana Wangara, houses built in Sudan and Moroccan style. All these are the ancient archaeological site of Djenné Djenno (former Djenne) which is essential for any trip to Mali. Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Djenné Djenno »

Day 4: Djenne → Niogonon→ Ende → 219 km → Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Breakfast and last photo taken of the mosque then off to the famous Dogon country ranked World Heritage by UNESCO, outstanding tour route one of the most beautiful villages in Dogon situed between heaven and earth. We meet the village chief to learn the history of the founding of the village. Planned a picnic lunch then head Ende. Arrival and transfer to the camp Aly Endé then visit the old historic place or lived the first inhabitants of the cliff (Tellem) Dinner and overnight at camp Aly Endé

Day 5: Ende → Begnemato →Sangha → 30 km → Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Breakfast and departure for 4x4 Begnemato,
We are in the cliff road to travel around other colors of this fascinating world. We will take a walking track from Doudjourou to benefit 4 km from the cliff steps to the plate. Through this beautiful landscape and gardens of onions in the company of birdsong to get to this beautiful village composed of three districts (animists, Christians and Muslims) all living in perfect harmony. We will be hosted by André in his camp and around the village after lunch. Plateau to the cliff, you tighten impressed a panoramic life with the possibility of taking beautiful pictures at the top of the ratchet at sunset then continuation of Sangha in the evening. Dinner and overnight at the «Hôtel Castor »

Day 6: Sangha→Daga Tireli→Amani → Sangha→29 km→ Thursday, January 9, 2014

Breakfast and departure to other parts of the Dogon country. Aboard our 4x4, we drive to the town Ireli Daga then walk we descend the cliff to reach the beautiful village of Tireli located at the foot of the cliff. Visit this beautiful Dogon village and then continue on to lunch at Ireli then camp management Sangha in the afternoon with a stop at the pond with sacred crocodiles Amani. From Banani , we will meet our vehicle and departure to Sangha. Outstanding tour of the old road around tables fox to predict the future of the people of the community. Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Castor »

Day 7: Sangha→ Songho →Sévaré (Mopti)→ 125 km → Friday, January 10, 2014

Breakfast and departure for Bandiagara, visit the outstanding village of Sangha. Arrival to Bandiagara then lunch in the little restaurant of Fanta. Then continuation to Songho in the afternoon to visit the archaeological site of cave paintings in the place of circumcision. Watch the sunset at the top of ratchets and management Sevaré in the evening. Dinner and overnight at the « Flandré»

Day 8: Mopti→ Teryabugu → San → 213 km → Saturday, January 11, 2014

Continental breakfast and transfer to Mopti to visiting the mosque Komoguele, the vegetable market, the factory workshop canoes. Walk along the river to see the Big pinasses to villages within the Niger Delta. Taking pictures of beautiful gourds, smoked fish from the view from the restaurant bar bozo. Continuation Teryabugu to 10 am, arrival and lunch at the box friendship. Visit the center solidarity in the afternoon and transfer to San in the evening.
Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Terya »

Day 9: San → Koutiala → Sikasso → 270 km → Sunday, January 12, 2014

Breakfast and departure by 4x4 to Sikasso, located in the southern part of Mali with soudainenne climate, Sikasso region of Mali is the attic with its historical past retains to this day. Arrival and transfer to hotel Maissa for lunch, in the evening visit the hill nipple center sought the Senufo culture, royal court, grave Tiéba Traoré, the walls of Tata then off to 16h to visit Missikoro village located 10 km then back to Sikasso in the evening. Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Maissa »

Day 10: Sikasso → Bobo Dioulasso → (Burkina Faso) → 180 km → Monday, January 13, 2014

Breakfast and departure for Bobo, we are on the second leg of our trip that we will meet the honest men in great neighborhood with Mali. Many of scheduled stops at both borders to complete the paperwork. Namely visa checks, documents etc. for the vehicle. Outstanding lunch and then continue on road to Bobo, arrived in the evening and direct transfer to hotel.
Dinner and overnight at the la TARVENE

Day 11: Bobo Dioulasso→ Banfora → 85 km →Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breakfast and morning visit from Bobo Dioulasso to know the Music Museum, the Great Mosque and the Old Quarter Dioulasso ba to see the local place of manufacture of the beer mile, sacred catfish. Departure to Banfora, arrival and installation of our luggage at the hotel for lunch. Visit the giant termite mounds and spectacular waterfalls in the middle of this beautiful landscape West Africa and domes Fabedougou located around Banfora.
Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Cascade Palace »

Day 12: Banfora → Gaoua → 197 km → Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breakfast then off to Gaoua Road to Sindu, stop in to visit Tingrela hyppopotames and sacred Baoubab protector of the village. Continuation of Gaoua, the capital of the province of Poni and cultural center of the country Lobi, arguably one of the best preserved tribal areas of West Africa. Amid fetish or sacred groves and statues to cowries, we are in the heart of animism. Visit on the village road Loropéni (famous for the archaeological remains found there and whose origin is still unknown. This would be the remains of fortresses and relics that relate to a piece of history of peoples Gans. Arrival at the hotel and visit the museum of Poni in the evening Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Hala »

Day 13: Gaoua → Thursday, January 16, 2014

Breakfast and visit the museum of Poni and villages Lobi with workshops of sculptors and fetishists. We head to the middle of the Lobi country to visit a rich color weekly market. Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Hala »

Day 14: Gaoua → Reserve Nazinga →265 km → Friday, January 17, 2014

Breakfast and drive to the reserve Nazinga Stop Diebougou to visit the old colonial caves can then lunch pike lunch at the hotel in the direction of the then reserve park Nazinga Ranch located 15 km from Tiébélé to visit the species of animals in park Nazinga.
Dinner and overnight at Nazinga in Camp

Day 15: Nazinga → Po →Tiébélé → 230 km → Saturday, January 18, 2014

Breakfast and continue visiting the reserve then off to Tiébélé, Stop Po to visit this beautiful village and then continue on Tiébélé. Arrival and transfer to the hotel for lunch, in the afternoon visit the Royal Palace and the traditional villages Gouroussi with dwellings built like fortresses and decorated with geometric designs gorgeous hand-painted according to tradition Kassena. We then visit the box head Tiébélé kassena built in the pure tradition remained intact and became a kind of "living museum, drawings adopted round or rectangular shapes according to family tradition. We admire the sunset on the hill the Baobab.
Dinner and overnight in village d’accueil

Day16: Tiébélé → Ouagadougou → 180 km → Sunday, January 19, 2014

Breakfast and morning departure for the capital, on this road, we cross one of the most beautiful landscapes of Burkina Faso, a fairly vegetation dance with Sudanese climate favorable. Arrival and transfer to the hotel for lunch, visit the Big market, the craft market and around the city in the evening.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel les palmiers

Day 17: Ouagadougou →Tanougou → 450 km → Monday, 20 January 2014

Breakfast and departure for Tanougou,
Administrative formality for going to Benin Tanougou then continue on to lunch at the hotel. Located on the border between Burkina Faso and Benin 16 km from the park Pendjari this authentic village enjoying the beauty of untouched nature, respected round huts covered with straw (Tata Gourmantché). Tanougou is one of the gateways to the Pendjari Park and has beautiful waterfalls of rare beauty. These are the most famous waterfalls of Benin. Its water falls from a height of 20 meters, which is collected at the bottom in a bowl forming a natural pool whose depth, laughter population reaches 30 meters. These two waterfalls are the biggest worship of deities of the locality.
Dinner and overnight at the « Relais de Tanougou »

Day 18: Tanougou → Pendjari Park (Benin) 16 km → Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Breakfast we will board our 4x4 all-terrain to reach the famous Park Pendjari Benin.
Upon our arrival, we will contact our specially inscribed for guided tours inside the park to make us see the most animals that we reserve this large outlet protected FARET guide. We spend the whole day to furrow across the reserve in search of elephants in Africa, antelopes, lions, giraffes, rhinos and Big specimen of many other rare species. Lunch in the park and in the evening devoted to a second method in turn other side of the reserve.
Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Pendjari »

Day 19: Pendjari → Boukoumbé → Natitingou →160 km → Wednesday, January 22, 2014

After a continental breakfast, Depart for Natitingou, this area is surrounded by beautiful mountains with amazing people customs and rites still very present. A warm naturally emerges from this fascinating civilization. Excursion to the village to visit Boukoumbé Somba country and return in the late afternoon to Natitingou.
Dinner and overnight at « Hôtel Tata Somba»

Day 20: Natitingou → Abomey → 420 km →Thursday, January 23, 2014

Breakfast and departure by 4x4 to Abomey, the place of pilgrimage. It is a city built around stunning rock formations. Lunch en route then continue to Abomey in the afternoon. Arrival and installation of our bagagaes then visit and meeting with the community of artisans in their center in the grounds of the museum. Relax in the evening in the square with the statue of King Béhanzin which was built as a place of relaxation. Dinner and overnight at the «Résidence Jean-Marie José »

Day 21: Abomey→ Ganvie → Cotonou→ 140 km → Friday, January 24, 2014

After breakfast, visit the Royal Palace, it is the old earthen buildings, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, which were built by the people for the museum and its monarchs. Departure for the village was named Agongointo underground Bohicon village located about 9 km from Abomey. This ancient archaeological site was built in the sixteenth century with more than 10 m deep underground and left in different compartments. Then continued on Ganvie via Cotonou, Cotonou possible lunch then off to visit by boat to the lake city of the lagoon and its floating market and the craft market. Retou of Cotonou in the evening and visit the cathedral, the mosque and the Grand Exchange Dantokpa. Dinner and overnight in « Jardin Helvetia »

Day 22: Cotonou →Ouidah→ 43 km → Saturday, January 25, 2014

After breakfast, we take our 4x4 in the direction of Ouidah by way of fishing. This road is lined with countless coconut is nice winding road along the sea, the lagoon and through small fishing villages. Arrival in Ouidah which was the site of voodoo international festival in Benin. The town of Ouidah is the seat of worship and religion since 1992 set by the state from Benin. Planned visit to Ouidah in the afternoon and the Slave Route, the museum and the sacred and relaxing at the beach in the evening forest.
Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Casa Del Papa Djegba »

Day 23 : Ouidah → Lome → (Togo) → 150 km → Sunday, January 26, 2014

Breakfast and departure for Lome Arrival and discovery of the Togolese capital to start his Grand Market and the fetish market of Akodessewa. The first for its animation and the meeting with the local life of Lome, the second for his introduction to the animist and voodoo culture. Continuations walk in the evening to enjoy the ocean at sunset.
Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Coco Beach »

Day 24 : Lomé→ KPalimé → 121 km→ Monday, January 27, 2014

After breakfast, departure to Kpalimé, discovery on road of the outstanding local flora, waterfall. Arrival and transfer to the hotel for lunch. Road to Dayes to visit the Benedictine Monastery in the afternoon then back to Palimé to visit the Craft Centre. Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Geiser »

Day 25 : KPalimé → Atakpamé → 110 km→ Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Breakfast and departure for 4x4 Atakpamé the day begins with a visit to the handicraft center Kloto and continues with a tour of some of the Togolese flora followed by a picnic lunch at the edge of a natural pool. Continuation of Atakpamé through a typical landscape of mountains fetishes, plantations of coffee and cocoa.
Dinner and overnight at « Hôtel le sahélien»

Day 26 : Atakpamé → Lomé → 165 km → Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Continental breakfast, morning departure for Lome arrival and installation of our luggage at the hotel and lunch at a restaurant by the sea long after we have rested and admired the beauty of the ocean, around the large market for shopping then visit fetish market. We will continue to visit Agbotrafo to know the history of the colonial past on trafficking for the negroes we can possibly get to the heart Togoville traditional animist beliefs. Dinner and overnight at the « Hôtel Coco Beach »

Day 27 : Lomé → Accra → (Ghana) → 190 km→ Thursday, January 30, 2014

Breakfast and departure by 4x4 to Accra, arrival and transfer to hotel and city tour to visit the monument called "Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial (first president) and the general art market, artisans and sculptors of wood carvers who can sew your clothes. Meanwhile visit the market you will hear the folk music of Ghana. Dinner and overnight at the « Sankofa beach house »

Day 28 : Accra → Cape Coast → Elmina 140 km → Friday, January 31, 2014
After breakfast, drive to the sea coast via the Obuasi gold mines. Visit "The river slaves" instead of baths slaves captured before shipment to the Caribbean and America. After lunching, guided tour of Cape Coast Castle Museum and Museum classified heritage with a view to the "Door of No Return" Anyone who had stopped at the door facing the ocean never again see his native land. Arrival in Elmina and installation in hotel Stumble inn.
Dinner and overnight at the « Hotel stumble inn »

Day 29 : Elmina → Kumasi → 180 km → Saturday, February 01, 2014

After breakfast departure for Kumasi North "The capital of the Ashanti kingdom, the land of gold. " Stop and visit Mampon traditional medicine center. Lunch and afternoon visit to the museum Manhiya palace which is the domain of the domain of the Ashanti King Prempeh (1888-1931) and the magic sword of Okomfo Anokye. Continue to visit the central market of Kumasi Kejetia Market: the largest market in West Africa with over 10, 000 vendors exhibiting multiple miscellaneous items.
Dinner and overnight at the « Cocoa Village Guesthouse »

Day 30 : Kumasi → Accra→ 280 km→ Sunday, February 02, 2014

Breakfast and return to Accra.
Visit the outstanding ancestral village road Abandze Lois Armstrong, famous American jazz musician. Visit the National Cultural Center (National Cultural Centre) and the noisy craft market for souvenir shopping. Arrival and transfer to the hotel for lunch. Afternoon free to sunbathe sunset africa around the hotel.
Dinner and overnight at « Sankofa beach house »

Day 31 : Accra → Atlanta → Monday, February 03, 2014

After breakfast, visit Independence Square in Accra where outdoor ceremonies and all national holidays are organized. Continue to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and museum, a tribute to the first president of Ghana. This park is officially called the Polo Grounds. It is where the Dr. Kwamé Nkrumah declared Ghana's independence. You will see various personal items used by Osagyefo, as well as books he has authored several of his personal belongings. After dinner, transfer to the airport for departure formalities.

End of our services

This price includes:
Transport 4x4 air conditioning,
Fuel during the saty and driver,
Accommodation in air conditionner double room and camp (Endé , Tiebele, Tanougou)
All tourist taxes during the stay for the Parks (Ranch Nazinga and Pendjari) in the programm, the archelogy site,
All border formalities for the vehicle,
The frame a cultural tour guide throughout the trip and all the locals guides

This price does not include:
The International Air Transport
Drinks and personal expenses,
Tips (voluntary with respect to guide actions)
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