Кино Фросина

Dimitar Vlahov walk
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Aleksandar Stefanovski (29.10.2017 19:05)
Small theater
Jonatan Vlaisavljevic (18.04.2017 13:55)
Decent ..
Slavica Sissel (31.03.2017 22:31)
One just feels free inside... It's like, no one judging you.... Awesome... Open minded people go there... It's all about art.... Don't know.. It's.., different...☺
Mantas Stancaitis (28.01.2017 00:19)
Philip Petrovski (09.04.2016 11:50)
For those wondering, Kino Frosina is mostly used for big talks and seated concerts. The cinema part of it has been lomg retired. Occasionally they will show some movies for an event.
A small warning, if you go to the upstairs seatings, be careful of the stairs. There is no lighting and many people trip and fall.

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