Liechtenstein Center

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Junaid Ali Shah (14.08.2017 14:30)
Very nice and peaceful location.
John Frick (22.06.2017 12:42)
The perfect place to get some information on this tiny country in the Alps.
Guilherme Rocha (15.06.2017 04:50)
Helpful staff. There you can also find good-quality souvenirs and the famous stamp. As the stamp is given for touristic purpose only, be careful that some countries' customs might give you a hard time if you have it stamped in your travel passport as it might be considered as a passport violation. Have it stamped in an older passport or on another piece of paper instead. Not likely to happen, but it might.
Toni McMorris (15.05.2017 09:25)
Got our passports stamped for 3chf and they gave kids flags. Sadly staff was abrupt about not recommending any food places. Guess they get asked it all the time, but there are polite ways to say it.
Edo R (27.08.2016 10:00)
At first seems like usual tourist info office but it is quite interesting to explore unique Liechtenstein souvenirs here that are based on uniqueness of this country. You can even get cool and quite nice official stamp for your passport here (fee is 3 CHF/EUR).

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