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Ella & Ursula El Bitar (01.10.2017 16:17)
You want to party hard? The One is where you should go.
Everything is just so perfect : drink , music , price !!
jad moubarak (09.03.2017 16:14)
Good clubbing experience. Huge club however it gets a bit crowded and hard to dance and walk around at certain times. Didn't fi d it expensive at all, table reserved for 12 had a minimum charge of 400$ which is very acceptable.
Recommended especially on Fridays.
Mohamad Ghaoui (18.02.2017 14:13)
The crowd will make it a good looking atmosphere but value for money is zero, expensive thats fine go if you afford to but everything from valet to waiters to even music is below average.... much smaller places are much better to go to.
Stephanie Kabalan (27.11.2016 10:24)
I would never even put one star for this terrible show off place... I had the worst experience waiting outside in the cold weather trying to get in after i booked 4 places a week ahead and had a confirmation that all is set... But because i show up with my 3 American guy friends coming to check what The One is... Because i was the only girl...They were like "oh sorry Mme there isn't any reservation under your name". Just as simple as that...BULLSHIT SHOW OFF COUNTRY AND LEBANESE FANCY CLUBS

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