Yerevan Card/ Ереван Карта

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Yerevan Card/ Ереван Карта

Yerevan Card 24h.

Yerevan Card/ Ереван Карта

“Yerevan Card” is the official city pass which is a unique means for using privileges almost in all the institutions and services offered in the city. The card gives the opportunity of free visit to the museums, attractions, participation in the city tours, as well as usage of city transport (taxi, subway). With this card you can also receive discounts during 1 year at the best restaurants, shops, hotels and the partner organizations the number of which exceeds 150. Having paid once a reasonable sum for a package which includes common access card, free comprehensive guidebook (135 sheets), the map of the city, mobile application and the mobile SIM card (with a possibility of free calls to operator and with the free Internet) and free 24-hour (office working hours:9:00-20:00, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00-20:00) information support, you enjoy a saturated, fascinating tour saving a considerable sum amount.

Currently, “Yerevan Card” offers 4 types of cards:
1 day – 24h
2 days – 48h
3 days – 72h
Card with unlimited time.

Yerevan Card includes:
- Free Museums
- Free Guided Tours
- Free Transfer
- Free Sim card with the internet access
- Free Mobile App
- Free Information Support Center
- Big Discounts in the city and more...

So with the Yerevan Card, you Pay Less, Discover More .....

Kaina: € 24
Telefonas: +374-12223322
"Skype": yerevancard

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